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09 abr 2022
In Tutorials & Techniques
This means a computer program that allows you to store all information Buy Email Database about your customers who have spent money with you and in some businesses, even the ones who don't as they may buy from you one day. When you have collected the name, address, phone number and type of Buy Email Database product/service bought by your customer, mail something to them within 3 months. Again market research says this is the longest you can leave it before you Buy Email Database contact a previous customer before you are virtually completely forgotten. A database can allow you to store Buy Email Database thousands of names, even tens of thousands. You can store anything about your customers in them as well. Database programs Buy Email Database cost just a few hundred dollars, But they are very powerful tools when you learn how to use them. I Buy Email Database recommend you mail letters to your customers offering them something to make them come back. It could be a $20 Buy Email Database gift voucher to use when they spend $100 or more. The real cost to you might then only be $10 (if your gross margin is 50% or more).


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